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Default I speak greek

...every activity’s the perfect opportunity to heist ‘em
heel heal, means where’s achilles at, to greeks I decipher
Mosi G. requested me for a performance on stage
I was emphasing when the ground underneath my feet won’t cave
see, I don’t see it, where my need is, I just see deaf ears
‘til the twins symbolized the 11 [hour] is realized, I seen blank stares
yeah, but what about the boule? oh, like what’s up bul? ay,
strange how language develops and get smuggled from the source
I came up with hostyle and r.o.c., but what it mean
to beat a dead horse repeatedly, means philly’s history is history
now, the children be sucking up to the industry
before I pass again, that’s they ass again for sucking ass & dick
as my clique-clak develop unlimited access
to extort celebrity stat niggas’ assets, screaming “this is madness”
ain’t learned much a’ shit from charlie manson?
all I was like was they ain’t give credit where it been due
at least to save they asses
and since my forum [philadelphia] vanishing, I inhabit the wtc now
on some ransacking shit I’m brandishing
a family friend of mine ran out that shit collapsing quick
I’ll hold my own together, anybody elses cancelled quick
lol, I [edom] stood in the face of the israelies with a red shirt on
as if to say the hate is what this making my blood run on
but I ain’t master debates, so do I master the bait though
you calling me my brother seth? keep asking away at the way though
to be saved I work the cain ‘til I’m able
to afford another planet to make home, through the same ground that was made home
not to stray into delusional, but how nuclear bomb diffusion be confusing you
abusing earth how consumers do...
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