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Generations 3

Generations 3 starts in the year 1925, with each following issue jumping forward a century, except issues #7 and #8, who both partially dealt with the 26th century as well the 19th century. The story features characters from the future timelines of the DC Universe, especially Jack Kirby's New Gods.
  • Century 20: Crosstime Crisis---In 1925, Clark Kent, Pete Ross, and Lana Lang are surprised when Saturn Girl bursts into the Kent home looking for Superboy. A spaceship has crashlanded near Smallville, filled with strange armored creatures. Superboy investigates and is attacked. The army, commanded by Captain Sam Lane arrives. Young Bruce Wayne learns of the crash and flies to Smallville to help, while Lana and a young Lois Lane enter Saturn Girl's time machine. Superboy destroys the aliens with a device provided by Bruce. Near death, Saturn Girl uses her powers to erase knowledge of the event from everyone's mind. Upon Saturn Girl's death, the time machine returns to the 30th century, with Lois and Lana aboard.
  • Century 21: Doomsday Minus 1---As Knightwing introduces his twin daughters Supergirl Red and Supergirl Blue, the robotic brain of Lex Luthor escapes. Superman is troubled by memories of an alien invasion in 1925 that no one remembers. He travels to New Genesis to confer with Highfather, but when he arrives he sees the fire pits of Apokalips go out. The Supergirls and Omac fight Luthor and his mysterious allies, but he soon gains the upper hand and neutralizes Omac. Knightwing arrives, but Luthor's allies vanish before they can be apprehended. Luthor tells Knightwing this is the day the world ends.
  • Century 22: Out of the Ashes---Thanks to Luthor, all power sources on Earth have been neutralized. Civilization is in ruins, and the survivors, led by Batman and his descendants, live in an underground complex. The surface is left to mutant animals and a few humans, including a boy named Kamandi. Superman has not been seen in nearly a century. Knightwing, now posing as Superman, and the Supergirls are all that are left to face attacks by Parademons. Batman manages to revive the dormant Brother Eye satellite. He has been keeping tabs on Kamandi, who is a descendant of Buddy Blank, aka Omac, and plans to revive the One-Man Army Corps as a weapon against the Parademons.
  • Century 23: Return of the Warrior---Stephanie Trevor, the second Wonder Woman, is fatally injured while fighting Parademons, and the Supergirls take her to Paradise Island. Her mother, now Queen of the Amazons, unsuccessfully attempts to revive Stephanie with the Purple Ray. Angered over her daughter's death, Wonder Woman returns to Smallville to fight the Parademons before they can destroy the OMACs. Meanwhile, stranded on New Genesis, Superman suffers from terrible nightmares. His wife Beautiful Dreamer probes his thoughts and is able to unlock the memory of the 1925 invasion that Saturn Girl had repressed 300 years earlier.
  • Century 24: Family Secrets---As Bruce Wayne, Jr. lays dying, Batman tells Wonder Woman the reason for his son's longevity. As seen at the end of Generations 2, the dying Mrs. Wayne giver her son and ex-husband a tape to play after she dies that reveals Bruce is not BJ's father. From sounds on the tape, they deduce it was recorded in London. BJ uses the Lazarus Pit to become young enough to help Batman. The two travel to London and meet Cyril Sheldrake, the former Squire. Cyril takes them to a recording studio where they are attacked by one of the many roving gangs infesting London. They manage to subdue the gang and listen to the tape. It reveals that BJ is Bruce's son; Mrs. Wayne lied to trick BJ into using the Lazarus Pit to become young (something he had refused to do before). As BJ dies, the spirit of Kara Kent appears, and takes the spirit of BJ to the afterlife.
  • Century 25: Love in the Time of Apocalypse---On Apokalips, Desaad and other members of Darkseid's elite guard open an incubating chamber, revealing the revived Darkseid. On Earth, Supergirl Blue is in love with Green Lantern Ator, but since her body has been stuck at the physical age of 11 for 300 years, Ator is uncomfortable continuing the relationship. Several other Green Lanterns uncover the buried robot body of Lex Luthor, who immediately goes on a rampage. While the Green Lanterns fight Luthor, Supergirl Blue retrieves a sample of gold Kryptonite, which she uses to remove her powers, allowing her to age. She flies back to Gotham City with Batman in his jet, where Ator has managed to contain Luthor. Luthor uploads his mind into the city's computer, and leaves Ator with an atomic bomb. Ator contains the explosion with his power ring, but is trapped inside with the radiation. The now powerless Supergirl Blue is unable to save her lover, and must stand by and watch him die.
  • Century 26: History Lesson (Part 1)---Metron of the New Gods opens a portal that allows Superman to return to Earth. There he is attacked by Supergirl Blue and a superpowered Batman. Eventually, Superman convinces Batman he is the real thing, and Batman tells what has happened. In addition to the Parademons returning every 100 years to attack Smallville, civilization had been destroyed by Lex Luthor. At one point he blanketed the Earth in green Kryptonite radiation, killing Clark Wayne and Supergirl Red. Luthor manages to destroy all the OMAC soldiers, including the original Buddy Blank. Supergirl Blue uses Luthor's serum to restore her powers, and convinces Batman to use it as well. The two find they are unaffected by Kryptonite, and are finally able to defeat Luthor. Superman takes Batman and Supergirl to Smallville, where they find the body of Saturn Girl. He tells them the answer to the Parademon attacks lie in the future, and flies off to reach the 30th century.
  • Century 19: History Lesson (Part 2)---Seconds after Superman breaks the time barrier, Supergirl hears a signal from underground. She digs up a box which contains Superman. He reveals that his attempt to reach the future was blocked, and he was hurled into the late 19th century. There he meets Mister Miracle (who is the sheriff of Smallville) and Metron, as well as a young Jonathan Kent. Kent has come to seek revenge against Jonah Hex, a bounty hunter who Kent claims killed fourteen innocent men. A young Martha Clark begs Kent not to face Hex, but Kent is determined. The two meet in a showdown, and Hex easily disarms Kent. He then breaks Kent's glasses instead of killing him. Just then the criminal that Hex was hunting appears and fires at Hex. Hex guns down the criminal, but the shot meant for Hex hits Martha instead. Superman forces Metron to bring a doctor to save Martha's life; however, her injuries mean she will never have children. A humbled Jonathan tells Martha they will get married as soon as she is well. Metron tells Superman he cannot reach the future under his own power, and places him in a suspended animation chamber underground. Meanwhile, Darkseid reveals his greatest weapon--Parademons with the power of independent thought.
  • Century 27: A Soldier's Story---During an attack by the Parademons, one soldier is separated from his troop and lost on Earth. He finds shelter in a small house, where he meets the owner, an elderly blind woman. The Parademon tells her his history. Centuries ago, Apokalips was destroyed in the final battle between Orion and Darkseid. Darkseid's essence was preserved by special machinery hidden in the heart of the planet. Eventually, Darkseid was revived, and he developed new Parademons with the ability to think for themselves. Their mission is to travel back in time to defeat the heroes of Earth. The old woman reveals herself to be Supergirl Blue, who kills the Parademon so that no one will realize they are sentient. In the future, the time machine with Lois and Lana finally materializes.
  • Century 28: Gods and Monsters---On Earth, Batman and Supergirl Blue bury their son Thomas. A dying Metron appears and gives Superman a device that will allow him one round trip to New Genesis. He activates the device, and is met by Lar-el and Vara, the children he had with Beautiful Dreamer. Parademons attack, followed by Darkseid. All the New Gods are killed, leaving only Superman and his children. Darkseid captures Beautiful Dreamer, and kills the two superchildren when they try to rescue her. Darkseid leaves, but not before breaking Beautiful Dreamer's neck. Superman returns to Earth to tell Batman what has happened.
  • Century 29: Little Girls Lost---Lana Lang and Lois Lane find themselves in Smallville in the year 2825. In a museum dedicated to Superman they discover that Clark Kent is Superman (and that Lois will one day marry him). Leaving the museum, they stumble across Superman fighting a troop of Parademons. They are almost attacked by one, but are saved by Supergirl Blue. Batman realizes they can use the time bubble to travel to the final Parademon attack in 2925. The heroes first return the two girls to 1925 and rescue Saturn Girl. Superman has Saturn Girl wipe the memories of everyone for a thousand miles before taking the time machine to the future. They land in 2925 as energy beams strike the ground all around them.
  • Century 30: Time and Time Again---With Darkseid's forces decimating the Earth, the heroes fan out. Supergirl Blue destroys a weapon called the Sky Scorcher, but is fatally injured in the subsequent blast. When Batman finds the dying Supergirl, she tells him the only way to defeat Darkseid is to destroy him just after his resurrection, changing the timeline. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern Jordan Kelley go back several centuries to Darkseid's space station. In the battle, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are killed, but Batman causes Granny Goodness to overload the station's power supplies, starting a chain reaction. Superman bursts in on Darkseid, who fires his Omega Beams at the Man of Steel. Superman throws Desaad into the beams, killing him, and begins pummeling Darkseid. The space station explodes, and the resulting energy wave destroys the timeline. The new timeline is similar to that at the end of the first Generations, with no sign of Darkseid and the Earth at peace. Batman and Superman briefly remember Supergirl Blue, but the thought fades away.

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