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I divide and conquer monsters, conscience unresponsive/
turn toddlers to mobsters, remove opposition like tonsils/
then wire they throat shut, I got this rap thing sewed up/
thread and needle in the meat freezer droppin cold cuts/
tossin donuts to swine, that way I can keep my pearls/
treat my girl like the queen she be over this sleazy world/
that makes me king, I’m laughin at you jesters’ gestures/
desperate times, desperate measures, precious metals/
fellows’ll stab you wit a stiletto for the golden rose petals/
I’m so ghetto, grimy, gangsta while the ganja smoke settle/
don’t chu anger me, I’m from the acreage where bangers be/
the dark angels came from the ankle wit the chambers, G/
stickin strangers for bread outside a bakery, pray for me/
faithfully, label me in need of freedom from this slavery/
medal of honor for bravery persona, wits amidst the drama/
drift farther into trauma, death’s expected cuz it’s the karma...
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