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Prophet Picasso crouching tiger

Your entourage can’t dodge my lucrative collage/
sabotage superficial gods when my ruger pistol nods/
and lodges rods deep inside of your squad’s garage/
to barrage y’all’s cause, cuz it’s all hodgepodge/
I’m camouflaged in the walls of Taj Mahal motifs/
any movement’s a mirage, turbans and gold teeth/
I hold chief while y’all spineless as a paperback/
I take it back, ya act is swine just like a razorback/
unclean, my rhymes shine bright in the sunbeams/
legacy of hindsight, limelight’s in my son’s dreams/
but I sold my dreams, biddin, smokin green vapors/
chasin the cat, goin bananas for Josephine Baker/
ignorin all the maidens that’s laid in my harem/
I’m mute til I’m in the booth drunk off truth serum/
but the side-effects is anger and muscle spasms/
hustle fastest, drownin in the beast’s stomach acid...
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