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Originally Posted by RagnaroK View Post
can any one explain to me as do why when you die you see Screaming Mantis Strings on Snake?

and Why when you kill a FROG blue flames covers them as if they where control by Sorrow Puppet?
Mantis was controlling the other beauties and since the frogs are beauties too maybe they were controlled by Mantis.

I died a lot my first time through and never saw the strings on Snake, but the first time I died on my second time through, I saw them. So I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that the strings aren't there until your second time through. I don't know what the actual significance is though if there is one at all. I saw them and was flabbergasted, but a lot of the suggestions that I've heard other people give make some sense. I'm going to inject myself today and see if anything happens I thought of that yesterday and forgot to do it. It probably wont because like most people say it's probably just an inside joke.
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