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Originally Posted by Shizzah View Post
A thread made for Brain-Tanglers and riddles. Post any riddle or brain teasers you find interesting, or have a problem solving. Let's start...

1) What is yours but is used by everyone else ?

2) What is bought just to be thrown away ?

3) Here's a challenge:

There are 2 guardians at the crossroad of life... and 2 doors. One leads to death, and one leads to life... One guardian is always lying, and the other is always telling the truth.

What single question to ask so we get the correct answer which door leads to life, whoever we ask? You can ask that question only once. To one guardian only, of course.

Add on people.
1) Your name

2) Rubbish bags

3) An excellent riddle from an excellent movie. If you ask one door what the other door would say, never mind which one's truthful or lying, you will automatically get the lie as the answer by default.

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