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ChristO crouching tiger
Default year of the red rat [wasted, targets in-the-paint]

what, so they pressured to force a cleansing, and am I supposed to sweat ‘em
israel don’t even exist to luci, who prone to sweat me
‘til I’m wasted again, returned to edom again
so I soak the blood[s] up for not believing in Him
faking like politics with slick diabolic lisps
I just want that pussy, bitch think I ain’t shit
lucy said I gotta’ say nice things, what/wut, like nyc things?
heard nice had a problem with me way Christ brings
the apocolypse, I.C. now got a pile a’ clips
eat the apple at ya’ own risk, have ya’ mouth spit a pile a’ shit
the pride of lions who come before the fall of babble-on
since 13 ghosted...worked in west chester cracking on
the stuck-up, so whassup, my niggas was jungle booked
how I work shit out, any trade-off, who’s soaked and cooked
who really tru blood, not to go there, do you know where
G.O.D. cover the body, knocked-knocked! who go there?
chinese year of the red rat, 2008
PhantAsia by-the-way, collabed 5K
wanna’ collapse any high place, ante up to a high stake?
Philly done did it, you can find out when you die praying
it’s a labyrinth not imagined in any human interpretation
noah’s arkeologic fascination
test God’s word at your own risk how I made it
as the bookie, since you got a debt you’z better pay it...
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