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Originally Posted by Bucellito 136 View Post
time to forget these tapes except the ones with rare tracks
Boooo!!! Fuck outta here if you ain't got no appreciation for history....

Originally Posted by check two View Post
I was at a Goodwill thrift store yesterday, and I was thinking about this thread. lol They had a small selection of cassette tapes for 50 cents each. Not that many hip hop ones though. Over the years, I've gotten a bunch of CD's from and I like cause they have good deals, and also have fixed prices like was bought by Ebay some years back. Sellers aren't allowed to sell cassette tapes at the site. Some would still sell them though, but they would get warned if they got caught. lol I think Ebay has been doing more fixed prices lately though than they used to, cause the popularity of the auction thing has gone down some. I read an article about that not that long ago. So maybe some sellers at Ebay would be offering some cassette tapes for a fixed set price, instead of the auction thing?
yeah, that's about the size of gotta hit up a few Goodwill's in order to find a lot of rap tapes, sometimes you do get lucky though and you will stumble upon a grip of em' because someone just walked in and donated their whole collection earlier and whatnot.....One time I seen like 20 hip-hop tapes in a Goodwill one day and I knew the same cat donated all of em' cause he wrote his name in the lil' sleeves of all of em''s give and take most days tho for all depends on the Goodwill location as well.....if you go to one that's in the city you'll prolly have better luck finding good shit just do to the statistics of volume.....

Today's bounty:

hit up a goodwill today and found these two joints; Eric B. And Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique and Biz Markie - The Diabolical

got real excited when I saw that Biz Markie, I have seen people name their price for that joint online, don't know why but everywhere online people been trying to sell that joint for a lot of dough.....and the Eric B and Rakim joint was just the icing on the cake.....
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