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Originally Posted by No1CouldBIlla View Post
Get the fuck outta here, a tape has got something special man....

In the 90's, tapes were used a lot, and don't come in with that "yeah but we livin' in 2008 now" Fuck dat, a tape is part of Hip-Hop culture just as an LP or a Compact Disc.

Update for Tuesday July 22nd:

Went to the closest thrift store to my crib today and actually made a really incredible find. I was pleased to find that there was as usual a really healthy selection of tapes to choose from, and i started rifling through them bit by bit. I only was able to find a gently used Shabba Ranks "A Mi Shabba" tape and a brand new Chubb Rock & Howie "And The Winner Is..." LP; which dropped back in 89'.....I was minimally pleased and I decided I would grab the Chubb Rock and Howie T LP. Today since I had some cash and since they only wanted .50 cents for it, I said what the hell....this place employs a few of my niggas, I'll pay em'....but first i had to piss....I had just ate at Wendy's an hour earlier and I had a large double stack meal and all that coca-cola was ready to be set free.......I drained the main vein and walked out of their extremely skeevy bathroom, and was ready to bounce after I paid, but for some reason I just had an inkling to wanna go back thru all the cassette tapes I went back over and started rumaging again and what did I find? A fucking used but "like new" copy of Snoop Dogg's (then known as Snopp Doggy Dogg) 1993 debut album "Doggystyle", lol.....I snatched it up, inspected it and was elated at the find.....I was also pleased that it too was reasonably priced at only .50 cents.....I paid and bounced....

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