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c'mon homie. why you gotta go and call somebody out like that? ummm, FYI, vatican status isn't only based on posts but when you joined the forum as well. i used to post a shitload back in the day when I was young and sitting at home with nothing to do. but then the site took a complete revamp and shit got reset. at the same time i graduated from college and started a career. i check this site almost every day to see whats going on and shit. just cause i dont take the time to post, dont give you the right to call me out like that.

besides, ask any vatican member from the old school how much this forum has changed and you'll know what i'm talking bout. THAT was the reason for the creation of the vatican section. for the people who actually want discussions and not bullshit. for us fans who remember going to the store the day 36 chambers released and bumpin that shit hard. for fans who couldnt wait for the next U-WU newsletter. for fans who coulnd't wait for premieres of Wu videos on YO! MTV Raps. most cats on here were still suckin their moms titties when this was goin on.

but then again, you joined in AUGUST 2007. you haven't even been a member for a full fucking year yet, you wouldn't know the evolution of yet you gonna question an older god's status.

from one graphic artist to another, i was going to compliment your artwork, but instead all i'll say is...


"The game is to be sold, not to be told"

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