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Originally Posted by No1CouldBIlla View Post

Where u live, I barely know any stores that still sell those classic Hip-Hop tapes where I live.
like 30 minutes outside of Denver...

and truthfully there's only one store that carries them here, and it's not in bulk at all....that's why I gotta go outta town and shift through all the thrift stores as well......that's what kinda makes it fun though......cause when you make a find from diggin around it's gratifying in a way.....

Update for 7/24/08:

Went back to the closest thrift store to my house today because I've noticed they've started putting out more new tapes a lot more frequently and because I still felt that good luck from finding that Doggystyle tape.......I was soon as I got to the tapes section I saw right off the bat 3 gems! First I noticed an R. Kelly "12 Play" Cassette in great to it was two other great finds; DMX's "Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood" and Outkast's "Aquemini"! I was really excited to see that Outkast, I was contemplating ordering that shit off the net, but now i woulden't have to.....I quickly picked up both and started to inspect them....The OutKast tape was in pretty fair condition, not perfect, but not bad either, it's case was pretty beat up tho, but overall still worth grabbing, i know I could make it look new wit just a damp cloth and some elbow grease.....The DMX tape was a total disappointment....I opened it up hoping to find a well preserved tape only to find that it was cracked down the middle and would be un-playable....fuck! Either way both tapes got ganked wit ease and the Outkast one is currently undergoing a few minor cosmetic procedures.....

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