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Default caught up to michel

so, to the angels [los angeles], as for the war y’all been fighting
archangel michael [blue...blood in] against gabriel [red...blood out]...
...cain [blue...blood in] against abel [red...blood out]...
israel not visible yet, but jake-up apparently evident...
...seth not visible yet, but jacub apparently evident...
...I caught up to michel, nostradamus
he can’t predict shit the fuck he the father
to cezar, coming to me trying to trap suh’m
talking sweet to me like he trying a’ be black women
luci done called out gabriel on his way through he’ll
expectations’ll fail you...say ya’ prayers, save yourself
shouldn’t a’ pressed, I got my own issues I’m a’ stick to
boriquan lady’s words to me more-or-less meant to
reach me, been through a car crash and chalked it up
I’m walking back to phila. rico, traps I’m corking up
the silencers, gimme’ the bush and I’m a’ kill the bush
have him slit his wrists or suh’m, after them bitches hush
they shit gotta’ be exposed bold-faceded
flip the shit, hunt ‘em down, they bodies I’ll catch the cold case with...

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