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Default Re: Fuck dipset!!!!

Originally Posted by Skale
call me a bitch? hahah fag. if you and your friends put your pictures up next to mine and we did a vote, which one of these 4 is NOT a bitch, i would take all the fuckin votes and u know this u lil punk ass kid.
e-40 sucks a fuckin cock, elephant man isnt even hip-hop u fuckin retard. hes dancehall see, u dont even know whats not hip-hop

u dont know what real is, you live in a fantasy. as i said before i turn off the computer and go outside... graf everywhere, dudes with 3xl clothes, drug corners, the smell of weed. u turn off the computer and go outside and u see a bunch of fuckin trees and white people who tuck their shirt into tight jeans and listen to classic rock. whos the poser fag?
u dont realize what u just said dumb-ass u a poser u make it sound like montreal is a ghetto with drugs and gangsters and u are one of the gangsters and I know montreal aint like dat bitch!and da whole redneck thing is fucking stupid I wasn't born in idaho neither was my family and most of my family lives in cali and washington I know more black people than u seen in canada the great country
cuz u portray me as a racist and I aint faggot mo' fucka!

"Robbed of natural abilities
In death they now seek tranquility
In a confused state of mind
Extending agony,they must be blind"

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