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ChristO crouching tiger
Default movie idea: planet jupiter

south philly, the origin, planet jupiter [2-4] my position
shit cryptic, you can tune out or opt to listen
across from st. ritas, who was that I was speaking ta’
after I heard the whispers “does he know” about me and shit
figured they was scared of a china syndrome
I was just trying a’ get unemployment, kinda’ schizzed on
this lady with the scrunchy-face, in back of me a’ asian kid
playing with two action figures, christ-verses-satan shit
his pop told him to hush, I just went on and just
got my paper right, then bounced from 10th and washington
whoever put it down in the streets though, look, I’m s.p. simple and plain
was some shit when the twins got hit with them planes
guess it was part of the movie concept, touching the 5 points
the pentagram, pentagon smashed like a child’s toy
then a shank’villa in the penna.tentary
and the wingdings put a seal on the infamy, on-the-real-to-reel
the movie set been compromised, I think by some jersey guys
but I deal on an individual basis with open eyes
I told twin, what tony suprano didn’t know
this nigga know, where Nimrod? you get me though
nebudchadnezzar? dreaming of a tree like 4.20?
leave it up to me, and the fee bring more for me...[this movie not rated]...
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