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Originally Posted by ElusiveFugitive View Post
^^ truth right there^^

Dre's direction in 2001 was to appeal to a younger, more mainstream audience and it came off a little cheesy IMO.

I was in highschool when The Chronic came out...Straight FIRE...It was effortlessly some of the best of West Coast Hop in the early 90's.

Anybody got Deathrow Greatest Hits or Concrete Roots?
haha, bought Concrete Roots from a Strawberries back when it dropped and brought it back an hour later asking for my money back. They asked why and I said "cause it fucking sucks".....i think i bought Vitalogy with that loot....still better than concrete roots

that Death Row Greatest Hits 2CD comp was bomb though, the second disc was mostly remixes but a few good ones, first disc had some gems that really didn't get maybe my favorite track on Chronic.....Stranded on Death Row
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