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Default mass fee

when I see the power u that I want, I say “wu-tang [that dance],
what you know about me?” is how I pull a stunt
limousine wreck to her bumper sticker how she want it
I knew about power, since 3 I said I want it
maintained my patience ‘til today and still they fronted
now I got patients to reach ‘em all ‘til we confronting
if it’s war, then it’s on anytime you asking for it
and when I [gab] slaughter the mic [archangel], nevermind the back-and-forth shit
it’s just back to the original business of philadelphia, seth
know I’m ahead of your every breath
to usurp luciano’s effort, right at the 5 points
go to texas, the eagles tussle the cowboys
enough of the wild stories, this is about glory
move judas [isc.] around, bodying shit around him always
hush bitches, I’m catching up to ‘em, give up the ghost
I’m from s.p. bitch, either pay up or caskets’ closed
shit is beyond crazy, johnson hall to johnson homes
I’m God Father Allah [mm], I ain’t joshing, holmes
dumb-ass broads’ll be the death of y’all all
lucy, I want that pussy, mass fee’s what it’ll cost y’all...
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