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Got some new updates!


Okay so this has been an extremely slow week as far as tapes go.....been through to a few of my steady spots for tapes, yet I was disappointed to see that they had nothing there...I still haven't recieved that last tape I'm sapposed to get in the mail (The Beatnuts- Intoxicated Demons) either.....that's got me kinda irritated

I have managed to broker some new deals though....met this cat online on another forum that was tryin to get rid of an old Blahzay Blahzay- Blah Blah Blah cassette and I was able to negotiate a trade with him for that.....he sent that out to me today, so I should, hopefully have that by Saturday maybe.......he has a few other tapes that we're sapposed to negotiate about as well.....he listed a whole bunch for me, but these were the only ones I was interested in: Redman- Whut Thee Album, King SUn- XL, Brand Nubian- One For All and Willie D's- Im Goin Out Like A Soldier

If anyone on here has any tapes that they wanna trade out for a CD don't hesitate to come foward and let it be known, we might could do some business....

Other than that i've been extremely frustrated as to the level of tapes I've gotten my hands on this week....still sittin at a big fat zero, and I can't have that.....i'm gonna go out today and check this Salvation Army I haven't been to yet....might yield some new always I'll keep ya'll posted....
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