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updates for 7/30/08 cont'd:

had some pretty good luck today! Went out to check that thrift store that I hadn't been to yet and they didn't have shit! I was mad disappointed, but it was early and I didn't have nowhere to be so me and my mans rolled over to one of my regular spots (that goodwill on the other side of town)

I walked in and at first I wasn't finding anything, but I wasn't too worried due to the fact that this is the place that has the huge wall of tapes, so i always have to look for awhile and even then I'm pretty sure stuff still gets by me....At first I saw some old tapes that I had previously Passed on in earlier visits; shit like Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It" and Salt And Pepa's "Blacks' Magic".....then I saw a tape with what I thought resembled the old Death Row Symbol......I picked it up and read the red, emblazened cover; "Death Row's Greatest hits".....I remembered this album from back in 1996 and I knew the CD version was a double album set, I almost immediatley felt a lil' disappointed because I thought that this cassette's partner might not be anywhere around....after a few minutes of searching I was able to locate the 2nd part though.....both were in really good condition and both had the booklets.....I did switch out their cases tho, the original ones were a lil' dingy lookin'....just when I thought that those were all I was gonna find I stumbled upon a copy of Too Short's "Gettin It (Album Number 10)" album. Now while I've never been too big on Too Short, I distinctly remember this album being his last hurrah b4 he retired and also being a pretty decent last effort, even though he would only return in 1999...

all in all a good day.....
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