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Originally Posted by Wu-Ronin View Post

next weapon- karate chop, the brick shattering kind

like a child in the streets/ Wu-Ronin came to the game bringin beef/
feel the heat/ flames grill ya ox off-cut to ya adolescent feet/
back hand ya to the face, dont deserve knuckles/
rhyme sceme so weak that even ya mom chuckles/
come back to the board an attempt to coause a kerfuffle/
find yaself wound up in bags an they aint duffels/
this is how a real muthafucken McCoy roll/
no one voted for me, i heat seek and destroy polls/
snactch ya breath from ya lung an incinerate lost souls/
cold blooded rebel from the long white cloud/
steel studded devil with the evil satanic sound/
cross me and like pepper corns you get ground/
innocent i get found to my horriffic crimes im sublime!/
now get back to sucking cock and let me do my rhyme/
or imma hit you wit the karate chop, the brick shattering kind....

next weapon of mad ass mass destruction= deception

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