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[Holocaust Sample] A man Selling Pictures Lonely on the road (record Player starts up sound beat starts)

[holocaust sample loops]

Hey HEY A Man with Hundreds of dispositions searches for a cure
one of three kings presents jesus with mur
a curr who lures children to a cave
to be slaves to the lazy babe as her music plays
sinful melodies slip from the throats of minors
a Black cloaked man concealing a shot gun busts in a diner
demands all the money in the register and before a response blows the mans brains out
he leaves the bills and proceeds to take the change out
the miystery machine searches for murder mysterys
an underwater city forever lost in history
no telling how many myths'lll be
continually i cause fifty epiphanys

{Holocaust sample loops]

Who what when were and how did you get the audacity
i chop your legs out from under you if you try passin me
cause untitles catastrophe and commit blasphemy
then pray to god in the hour of tragedy
my mastyery is prone to disastry
the wall is embedded withn sea shells and plaster trees
killer moth in disguise causes sinister crashes
i built a gas chamber and asked for the poor tired and huddled masses
a man with a top hat wearing thick lensed glasses asks if
anyone needs his matches atilla the hun attacking

[holocaust sample loops]

a man robs a bank and shoots the teller with a knife
stabs him with a gun and gives him his funds
backwards reality calamity built on the lot of amity
yo simity sam gimme grams with dusty hasnds
i belittle your culture and spit on your tomb i loom with gloom
and i am you inevitable doom you automatically assume they are powerless
they are boldozers only held back by their cowardess
apocalyptic scriptures seven scrollz and crystal skulls
not found in time then the world is set and nulll

[record coming off player sound]

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