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Prophet Picasso crouching tiger

Picasso’s vomiting rubies from the top of his kufi/
Prophet’s cockin a uzi on the block wit a doobie/
you be watchin a movie, Hip Hop blockumentary/
it’ll shock you mentally, this rock’s complimentary/
it’s a jade jewel to dismay they who break fool/
made to break thru the maze of modern day rules/
they display tools made to enslave the brave Jews/
invade Jerus and spray AKs in the grade schools/
my new task is to educate the masses in classes/
break impasses, knock glass in the asses of fascists/
I’m like Arthur Ashe, my backhand’s hard as brass/
don’t starve for cash, I got manna in my Father’s stash/
if you try to drop a dime I’ma hear the water splash/
feed you to the otters, bass, and the crawfish crabs/
alas, I’ma let cha carcass smash from the tallest mast/
ya arms in casts, I been the rawest since August past/
Proph never delivers soft, cut from a different cloth/
my little light shines hard, I attract Gypsy moths/
I’m Mikhail Gorbachev attackin from a foreign gulf/
goin off on those who scoff, but they flowin soft/
blow em off the atlas, let em eat shit wit the catfish/
I’m in Egypt wit the cactus, talkin Jesus wit the Catholics/
in the regions of the Saxons, preachin of the passion/
if you not geekin then you not readin all the captions...
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