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Default Sacred Dagger

Kenedy's assassination is nothin comapred to what you're facin
a world wide plot to control your sensations
total erasing to the falshoods you embracing
i know it's dumb to criticise without having a replacment
so my cult gathered in a secret mosque to consult
a new man made religion was the result
created a doctrine declaring me, DZA as god
and you're free to take this as an insult
to tell you the truth, it'll only make exult
with a scheme to recruit more assassins than Hassan Al-Sabah
and just like Amun, my name will always be followed by Ra
rhymin wisdom like Zarathustra
conquerin lands and minds with ferocity
every atrocity I commit is supported by a fatwah

kos um ya
I ran the ancient ages of Sudan
reached the highest stages, praised by every clan
way before the arabian man enslave our minds and steal our land
the sunny truth I spit, you fake MCs goin to catch a tan
rhymes so precise, I throw em like pupil smiters, straight to your third eyes
utilize historyical facts to expose religous lies
droppin concise knowledge to steer you
soon to be a sung hero, from Japan all the way to Peru
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