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Originally Posted by drazzy View Post
excuseme but, i think that, wu-tang latino is a shit, uuhm, singin regaeton and i and so much people who listen wu-tang think like me, im sorry but, thats what i think, wu-tang latino is a shit, a real shit
What the fuck you know about Reggaeton? You can barely write in English, so I really fuckin doubt you understand Spanish #1, #2- what the fuck does Wu Latino have to do with Reggaeton? Hate the label all the fuck you want, which is fuckin retarded because you don't know anyone at the label nor do you have any music you understand enough to say you don't like, but leave Reggaeton out of it. I'm a rapper, and a Reggaeton artist, and not one sorry as rapper from this site has been able to challenge me yet. Waste your fuckin time and energy expressing your hate, and confirm your stupidity with ignorant statements...
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