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01: Wise Words Roll
[Produced by Kevlaar 7]

02: The Saga Begins
[Performed by M-80, C-Rayz Walz, 5-Star, Son One, Bronze Nazareth, and Killah Priest]
[Produced by Maja 7th]
The beat on this joint is flames, but the opening verse is wack. M-80 has a bad voice and he just shouldnt rhyme. Hip-Hop isn't for everybody. C-Rayz Walz killed this shit, he should started this joint off for real, this is one of the best verses I've heard from him
"I'm an individual without visual skills
Still critical, Kill build, eyes red
Digging ritual Reels
The blues chill with rhythm moves filling the Bill
When I project the verse I splash a curse;
It's still visual krill's

That shit was ill man, the next verse by 5-Star was aiight, nothing really
to special about his verse, he's just rhyming on the track, I like the beat
Switch up on the next verse by Son One, once again the rhyming is cool
nothing memorable, he just played his part on the track, Bronze Nazereth
comes in and shows that he has improved since we last heard him, he killed
his verse, I must say Killah Priest verse was some bullshit, he played around
on that one, that shit was not even right. This could've been way better
but only 2 niggaz bought their A game.

03: Handle The Heights
[Performed by Canibus, M-80, Bronze Nazareth, and Keith Murray]
[Produced by Bronze Nazareth]
Beat is pretty good by Bronze, Canibus is the first to set it off and I just can't get into this guys verse at all, his voice is really bad and it sounds nasty, M-80 does an ok job on this track, although I still think he should be holding a mic at all, Bronze Nazereth does a superb job on this joint and I haven't heard Keith Murray in awhile, lol why does he try to use all these big words in his verses lol, it was still nice but funny. This was a cool track. 3.5/5

04: Come To Life Faster
[Performed by Bronze Nazareth]
[Produced by Purpose]
A Bronze Solo joint, the beat on here is flames, and Bronze just goes in on here, his best effort yet on the album, even though it's only one verse it's all good, beat is flames I don't even mind sitting through this track. 4/5

05: Obey (The Statesmen)
[Performed by Planet Asia, Killah Priest, Son One and C-Rayz Walz]
[Produced by Davey D]
This beat is hot, I think this is the single right here, Planet Asia went in on this joint flowing like crazy
"Money, power, respect, and honor
Nines, ninas and llamas
Niggas with clutches, glocks, stuches and fiending for drama
Crack in the kitchen, smacking the chicken
Attached to the riches, gats on the mission
Never catch me rapping fiction"

That shit was nice, Priest comes in on this joint his verse was flames
except for that Mick/Mic line, but he described himself real rell on here
"Priest is a poet, a preacher, a painter
Preparing pictures for people who are listeners or thinkers"

Son One Killed this joint too, he made a big lyrical leap from the 2nd track
on the album, C-Rayz is all over the place his flow sounds choppy but
it still was acceptable, this joint is a banger.
06: Soul Position
[Performed by Bronze Nazareth, M-80, Philly, Son One, 5-Star, Kevlaar 7 and C-Rayz Walz]
[Produced by Krohme]What a waste of a beat, this beat is mad nice, look who starts off the track....Wack. The lyrics on here are wack they all could've came better, hook sounds scrambled on here, this was a letdown. 3/5
[B] 07: Daylight
[Performed by Killah Priest, Kevlaar 7 and Bronze Nazareth]
[Produced by Bronze Nazareth]
You can already tell it's a Bronze beat by how slow it is (No Offense, but he doesn't make head bangers) Priest starts it off with some good shit, he giving you this Vivid painting and if you a Priest fan you know where he's about to take you (Well you don't cause priest is crazy) Kevlaar is nice on here, his verse could've been longer but it's all good, Bronze takes over and just proves and proves that he's going to be a problem for the up and coming year I gotta give him credit, a great track indeed. 4/5

08: Planet In Peril
[Performed by Killah Priest, C-Rayz Walz and Warcloud]
[Produced by Pro The Leader]
This beat right here is fucking flames, the lyrics are too that's why it's called planet in peril, Killah Priest is spitting his crusaid rap on here and starts it off crazy, the beat is crazy man, C-ray Walz flows on here just right, he goes in on here real crazy, I couldn't even catch his shit lol. Next up we have Warcloud who everyone knows I don't really like his Warcloud style like that, and he doesn't convince me at all, he just raps...not paying attention to the beat or all, the lyrics are alright, they sound like they had potential but he just is rapping to fast and off beat. 3.5/5

09: Interlude 1
[Produced by Bronze Nazareth]

10: Killa Bee Swarm
[Performed by Bronze Nazareth, Timbo King,*5-Star and Killah Priest]
[Produced by Bronze Nazareth]
Why is 5-Star on here? Anyways Bronze is a beast i'm not even gonna elaborate on it anymore lol. Timbo King comes in and plays around on the mic "We wild out, pull out the Nick Cannon on you" lol come on Bo King, 5-Star voice sounds bad but he manages to flow nice on here, and Killah Priest comes in and does his job, beat by Bronze is Crazy, I'm feeling this joint alot. 3.5/5

11: Keep Hustlin'
[Performed by Killah Priest, M-80, Poe Boy and Son One]
[Produced by Hala-X]
If this was a Killah Priest solo this would've been hot, he goes in on here "Assassins blowing out grey horoscopes that tells tomorrows hopes" that shit was ill, he went in on here, he did need no guest spots on here, Beat is a banger too, Hook sounds weak, and after that the track just goes downhill.... 3/5

12: Think Piece
[Performed by Bronze Nazareth, Killah Priest and C-Rayz Walz]
[Produced by Demo the Monowax and M-Eighty]
I see M-80 had co produced this joint, tell him to keep doing that, this shit is hot, Bronze Nazareth.........I'm not even gonna say no more just listen to him spit on here, Killah Priest kinda goes off on here, spitting pure heat on here, C-Rayz Walz does his thing as well I like the rhyming of one letter on here "V.I.P. vinticated vanishing in vapors" He spits some real vivid shit on here that gets you thinking and the beat is flames. 4/5

13: Top Hat Rap
[Performed by M-80, C-Rayz Walz and Son One]
[Produced by DJ Woool]
This joint is weak right here I'm not even gonna get too deep, I see who produced this joint..the same reason BTSG was boring at times... 2/5

14: Interlude 2
[Produced by Preservation]

15: Rising Sunz
[Performed by Killah Priest, Son One, Born Sun and C-Rayz Walz]
[Produced by Preservation]
The beat on here is Flames, i slept on this joint like crazy i'm not gonna lie to ya'll, I let this joint play and they went on in. Priest set it off nice, Son One sounds better everytime I hear this guy, Born Sun killed this shit with the opening bars, he drops science then he just says fuck it and just throws it at you, C-Rayz comes ill on here too this is my shit indeed. 4/5

16: Dead Flowers
[Performed by 60 Second Assassin, Bronze Nazareth, Killah Priest and C-Rayz Walz]
[Produced by Bronze Nazareth]
Good to hear 60 Sec. a Bronze beat of course, I'm not gonna get in too deep on here if you don't know what they spitting about on here then you just lost or as Islord says "You Fucked Up" 4/5

17: Now Or Never
[Performed by Solomon Childs, Son One, 5-Star and M-80]
[Produced by Kevlaar 7]
Beat by Kevlarr is hot, and this is pretty good considering the heavyweight niggaz not on the track (No Offense), last verse is real weak though, fucked up the vibe of the track, this is some reals hit they spit about, he doesn't fit the vibe at all, that's just IMO. 3/5

18: The Almighty
[Performed by Killah Priest]
[Produced by DJ Woool]
Man, they could've gave Priest a better solo track than this, I like what he does with the beat, he goes in on here listen to his verse, you can tell he kinda playing around, but it's still hot. 3/5

Beats - 3.5/5
Lyrics - 4/5
Overall - 3.5/5

This was a good thing to do, a bunch of Mc's doing something like this is definitely a breath of fresh air, you gotta give M-80 credit for that, besides that he should retire. Priest comes nice on here even though he's playing around on some joints, C-Rayz did his thing on here, his rhyme style could be choppy at times but Overall he was hot, 5-Star was ok, he played his part well, and Son One got better with every track.

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