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Prophet Picasso crouching tiger

Mark this hour on ya calendar, you can end ya talent search/
wordplay’s high caliber rifles, but the vocab’s a silencer/
balancin Bibles and violence, I’m demolishin challengers/
blood sacrificin Highlander wit twin polished Excaliburs/
the last of the world marvels, spit words of pearl and marble/
I came wit Amistad in a bottle, come unfurl the novel/
keep the girls in a hostel, waitin to satisfy the legendary/
I got plots in dark cemeteries, but a burial’s unnecessary/
cuz I live eternally like I been born again, but born in sin/
torn linen wrapped around the cadavers of tortured men/
prepare the sod, assassins in the synagogue swear to God/
take off ya mink or lose yo cuban link like Terror Squad/
respect the decalogue, thou shalt not cross the Messiah/
I spit flames on yo terrain until you get lost in the fires/
tossed in the mire, may yo soul expire in the swamplands/
off-brand emcees get crushed like a tall can by a bronze hand...
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