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Originally Posted by BIG D O View Post
Update for 8/8/08:

Today I went back to what is quickly becoming my sweet spot as far as thrift stores with Hip-Hop Cassette tapes goes.....the ironic thing is that it's that store I spoke about earlier....the one in a primarilly white nieghborhood, on the white side of, they always have more than a few good hip-hop or R&B tapes man.....every fuckin time....

today I found 4 tapes man:

Domino's 1993 album "Domino" (was fully produced and programmed by Battlecat)

Montell Jordan's 1995 album "This Is How We Do It"

Kool Moe Dee's 1993 "Greatest Hits" album

The Best Man Movie Soundtrack (features The Roots, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Maxwell, Allure, Faith Evans, Latocha Scott, Genuine, Tyrese, Case, Jaguar Wright)

All are in excellent condition, the Domino jawn was pristine man, I don't think it's been played yet.....

And guess what else I found man.....fuck I was pissed the fuck off yo.....I found a N.W.A. "Straight Outta Compton" tape too, but when I opened it up it was some bootleg ass off brand recordable tape, not the album....that woulda really made the day, but I still came out with a great score.....this time around I did do some tag switching, but I did pay, just in case any of you self-riteous niggas on here who get butt hurt when I jack shit wanted to know........
You got Domino on tape?!

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