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Here's another drop... it's from a couple weeks ago. My take of Madvillain's "Accordion", but like the drop above I tried to infuse my own style as well... I tried my hand at full-line rhymes like MF DOOM does occasionally to see if I could pull it off... I also tried abstraction to see what I could do with it.

this drop is called "Still Killin It"

I'm killin again, who rise up n get me/
die willin the pen to write somethin witty//
try reelin it in, fore you go overboard/
n fuck with the ovalords; duck its jehova's sword//
comin to keep yee unfaithful in check/
nothin you peeps plead gon make ol' tinhead//
bacdafuqup... I got sticky fingaz/
from sticking emsingas; some flipping men need ta//
get a grip; stop tryna go nuts n off me/
actin like dem sobs who buy the donuts n coffee//
yo cut is off-beat; so what if blahzay/
blah's my steelo; yo jalopi live-in ass need to stop//
playin ceelo, get a hobby feed ya kids every night cause/
on the d-low, even Pilsburry wont let you see dough//

(1 bar break)

verse 2:

still killin it, someone snuck a chill pill in his/
drink but it didn't matter; 'Real be kill billin kids//
illa than ill bill, reala than real deal/
rappas claim to be; they all the same to me//
take a seat; I dont wanna hear duke's life story just/
eitha shut up or I'll add ya ass to my quarry list//
thanks to I-40 it's not safe to hide behind a screen/
once I find the cyba fiends leave em idolizin me//
its funny how wack cats crossbreedin like a liger seed/
thats why aint no one got beat inside the cypha ring//
jot that inside ya diary; 20th of august/
dear journal, the men he with like sawdust//
they stay all up on you until you make the cut/
tellin me to be real, yet still you shake ya butt?//
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