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here's a freestyle I did a couple days ago in front of a couple of friends... this is what I can remember...

tough like callous, from here to dallas, I'm the foulest/
filled with malace, make ya lose your mind like alice//
like chalice I drink the blood of gods to get stronga/
you so rhythmless, that even with a conga//
you couldn't feel the beat; tried to deal with me/
and now you got a problem, and nobody can solve 'em//
cause I'm the root cause, fuck laws, when the/
gun draws... send ya dun cause//
its either you or him, you two are too dim/
to fool me, I school gs with more calm than a cool breeze//
who's next, just know that if you go next/
when you least expect it I gotcha, like Joe Tex//
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