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Originally Posted by rynmur04
Demarcus Ware had 2 force fumbles, 1 fumble recovery,1 interception, 1 sack tonight against the Seahawks. Yea I think he's ready for the NFL.
Yeah! Looking forward to watching Ware do his thing...has much talent!

Funny that Parcells is just treating it like "whateva"...not even giving him props at all. But that is what is cool about Parcells too though. All part of the plan. He picks on (and counts on) the guys that he knows can take it, but no one is above anyone else. He expects a lot. I'd like to see T.O. on his team. That whiny bitch wouldnt last a second.

But yes..I am looking forward to the drama that will ensue with McNabb and T.O.... this is gonna be a good season I think.

R.I.P. to Thomas Herrion--went out playing football...laughing and being friendly. Love to Thomas and his family and friends.

Lets not forget that obesity is America's number one killer...or it was last I checked.. fucking statistics...but anyways...we all know smoking will give you cancer...and all the other bullshit we could die of...but lets remember to take care of ourselves and our health...those big ass motherfuckers playing football are putting themselves at serious is just not healthy to have a huge amount of weight on much more injury and death prone...sorry to ramble about it... had to put that out. I dont think NFL is really responsible for that shit. Ultimately we only know how we ourselves feel and it is up to us to take care of ourselves.

GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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