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Sean Paul couldn't make 'em clap/ And when my shoulders untouch watch me bust back/ Human Strapper John MD/ Killer MC/ Recoil like Desert E./ I give it to you raw, Digiorno, and it's delivery/ Consider me, a scientist of mic work/ I move crowds like light work/ And show out like stains on a white shirt/ You a typo/ I'm whoopin' your ass, what style you using, Tae bo?/ Crack at me I crack you back, I'm the Chiro/ Practor practice rappin' practically actor/ Pack the/ Bags up buddy head back to Tampa/ Tamper, with my style yours needs work/ Study this Buddah Sack like its "Stem Sell" research/ I revert to seperating your body from your melon/ In turn that's rippin' the spinal from the cerebellum.

Next weapon: gold fronts
La illaha illallah
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