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it's all gonna break
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JamSix drunken mastaJamSix drunken mastaJamSix drunken masta

I penned this mess on a fistful of Percocet,
I invented these trends now pay your respects,
Like cement, I cant be bent, you cant prevent,
This descent of an Angel sent from hell,
I'm armed well, evil bred and will repel,
Now exhale while I propel to a next level,
See beyond the lack of glamour and glitz,
Ill twitch your wits like acid hits or capsules that flipped,
Do you not hear the shit that emits from my lips?
Do I fall on deaf ears like an athiests wish?
Cant you realise Im spittin the nicest shit since 96?
Or am I too grim to witness with intricate amounts of sick?
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