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"The earth was in confusion, which He was in, darkness is on the face of the depths, and God's spirit is moving on the water's surface."

-Genesis 1:2

In most translations, every verb in this sentence is translated in the past tense. But when we analyze the original Hebrew, we see that it is only the first part that is in the past tense. The other two parts that follow are in the present tense. Because of this, the second verse is describing something that preceded the first verse. The first verse provides a general overview of what was created, and then this verse gets into the specifics of what occurred before it.

The Bible begins with the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the letter beth. This letter is open to the left, and has a tail that points to the right. It signifies that something existed before the first verse, but that our tale starts at this particular point in time. This second verse in Genesis is giving us a glimpse of what happened before the first one.

Translators generally translate the words tohu and bohu as "without form and empty". The Hebrew words tohu and bohu only appear in this verse, are very cryptic words, and appear nowhere else in The Bible. Tohu has traditionally been tied to the concept of confusion, and bohu is composed of two words: bo, meaning "in it", and hu, meaning "he".

This verse gives us a guide to meditation, as well as the events that preceded creation. The first stage is that of tohu: confusion. Here we experience random thoughts, sights, and feelings, but no real information is conveyed yet. When we enter the state of bohu, we begin to see that in this confusion, there is something there, even though we are unsure about what it is. It is when we start to focus our mind on exactly what is there, that we arrive at the third stage: that of darkness. We have finally exited the confusion. The fourth stage occurs when we arrive at God's spirit.

Darkness existed before light in The Bible. Without the darkness, the light could never have existed. They are dynamic opposites. There are several psychological truths associated with this idea. One of them is that the brightest lights come from the darkest places. We have only two choices, either light and dark both exist, or neither exists.

Remember to understand this within the context of the whole Bible, including the New Testament.

*To Be Continued
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