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Originally Posted by Pat Bateman View Post
You are a fool Butter, thanks for dropping in infrequently with your useless commentary.

I not that into Dub, but i like artists like Burial, Pinch, 2562, Benga and random tunes from others.

It's definitely got a feeling to it which a lot of other music doesnt have.

The stuff i like might not be pure dub, its more headphone music than rave stuff.
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Originally Posted by sidious_katana View Post
Fuck DnB, no one ever said they were ever in the same league

To be fair dubstep is stoner music/level music
by level music i mean if you constantly listen to it it will raise your mental level/increase daa third eye...alll the dubbers i have met are real cool people on a as a fucking knife
i cant explain why it has that effect,maybe its the bass vibrating through your cortex.

But some hate it some love it.......listen to the myspace link above the tracks machine, ganja smuggling dub and the bad bounce... HARD TRACKS
Ravers equivilant to emo if you ask me.
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