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Default Part 4.0 of Silencer's Digital Odyssey...

I finally got around to writing a review of this album....

for those interested, i did a little series of reviews of all Rza's stuff which I dubbed "Silencer's Digi Saga/Digital Odyssey", here's the other ones...

With this album, I didn't really have high expectations at all from what Rza was saying about it in his interviews...he kept mentioning how he brought a bunch of features on board and they were "having fun" me, that meant an album full of bullshit tracks...this was a little better than that tho..

album cover: our man Gary Alford (thread from May last year) skilled the artwork on the album, I like the whole set-up on the package but I thought it was weird how there was no name, title or anything on the cover, only on the sticker that came when u copped the album...
I was also annoyed that there were no production credits or anything inside the booklet but the short comic book thing was pretty cool..
compared to the other Bobby Digital albums; well...nothing fucks with 'In Stereo' but how this is basically a canvas painting of the legendary, almost mythological, fictional character Bobby Digital...I can see a huge version of this being featured in the Wu Museum that's built in like 100 years..

1. Digi Snacks Intro
My favorite track on the album…it’s rare that the intro is the best but this shit is dope…sets up so nicely, with Rza screamin in the background “he’s back, AHHHH” and the beat is that grimey DOPE shit that 8 Diagrams was missing for the most part and Bobby makes it clear right from the beginning that he’s coming with lyrical heat on this album…the kid talking in the beginning and the end really attempts to set up what (probably) COULD have been and should have been a classic cinematic, comicbook story type of album but this just ain’t that…

2. Long Time Coming feat Danny Keyz

prod by Panauh Kalayah (who???)

beat is mad trippy and the lyrics are dope…the whole theme of the song, of each verse, sounds totally un-Digi-like, and that’s not a bad thing…this is closer to the Rza mode that he should be in to record The Cure….one of the best songs on the album right here..

3. You Can’t Stop Me Now feat Inspectah Deck
prod by Rza

beat has been used before of course, but I still like this joint….Rza’s verse is awesome, he’s lyrically on point pretty much through the entire album but the beats is where it fails as a whole…here he’s basically telling the whole story of the beginning of Wu-Tang in one verse
Deck is pretty mediocre and the first couple lines are gay…he’s really fallin pretty far from the dart master who used to lead off most of the Wu group tracks..

4. Straight up the Block feat David Banner, Beretta 9 and Monk

prod by David Banner

this song is absolutely fucking retarded…the beat is pretty whack and Rza raps like an idiot on here…I’ll never understand Rza’s attempts at tryin to make a radio-friendly, totally dumbed-down bullshit track…

5. Booby Trap feat Dexter Wiggles
prod by Rza

beat is pretty cool, lots of clap drums all over this album…Rza seems to really be TRYING to make his music sound different than the stuff that made him famous..
even tho the chorus is kinda dumb it’s definitely catchy, I always have this stuck in my head for a while after listening to this album…
Rza spits 3 good verses which is damn good to hear…

6. Try Ya Ya Ya feat Monk and Thea
prod by Che Vicious

beat is kinda funky but definitely catchy, I kinda like it…Rza is sick on here and even makes mention of his obsession (link) with colloidal silver (link): “Sip colloidal silver, immune cells get fed, deflectin’ viruses”..
Monk sucks on this tho…I’m not feelin the dude at all…pretty much all the guest appearances on this album I found to be crappy, and that’s one of the biggest problems I have with it (the features and the beats)

7. Good Night feat Thea, Rev. William Burke, Tamika Layton, and Crisis
prod by Rza

chick sounds a little like Macy Gray and the beat is some weird tripped out shit again…doesn’t really sound like hip hop, Rza’s kinda doing his own thing (again) a fan of that rugged, grimey hip hop shit—I’m not crazy about this type of sound but it’s not unbearable…definitely wouldn’t bump it in my car but I don’t mind it on the headphones…
Rza is cool on the mic and the other cats are pretty good…the singing gets annoying after a while tho..

8. No Regrets
prod by Rza

continuing with the slow, trippy computer-sounding beats…this is an extremely calm beat and Rza goes with it pretty slowly, not feelin him here too much…this song’s only a few steps up from the David Banner shit..

9. Money Don’t Own Me feat Monk, Christbearer, Stone Mecca
prod by Rza

finally a truly dope beat…great work by Rza on this one, it’s a head bumper and he’s got a bunch of dope lines, flowing nicely on it…
I can’t stand Monk on here at all, his voice comes in and just ruins the song…chorus is cool tho, nice and smooth

10. Creep feat Black Knights and Thea
prod by King Tech

I think the chorus is absolutely fuckin whack…sounds like some Christmas carol whack cornyness and then they try to get into some hard street shit….
Hard for me to make it through all the Black Knights, I ain’t feelin em all but Rza is dope here….sounds mad hungry and his voice and flow actually sounds just like the mid-90s Rza…

11. Drama feat Thea, Monk
prod by Rza

the whole joke about Rza’s new style focused on guitars, mainly cuz of Raekwon’s statements but, in reality, the main difference between Rza’s weird new style now and the old stuff is that he seems to like this singing shit…the girl isn’t too bad really on this track but he’s just really overdoing it, not just here but 8 Diagrams too…just way too much singing and this kinda shit, in my opinion, alienates his real fans, the ppl that have been loving his music for a decade and MADE him rich…now it seems like he’s tryin to appeal to those high-class, cultural type of socialites he’s been encountering in Hollywood…
well, I’m sure they like this shit but I don’t….gimme back HIP HOP, this shit is too corny for me..
this song’s got WAY too much singing and guitar bullshit (in the end) and not enough rapping at all…don’t really like the beat at all either..

12. Up Again featuring...way too many ppl
prod by Rza

this is the only song on which I’m feelin Monk, he flows great and has an awesome verse but aside from that-----don’t like the beat at all, Rza’s not so great here, and other guys sound whack…
then for whatever reason there’s about 2 and a half minutes of bullshit..

13. Put Your Guns Down feat Startel
prod by Rza

another way-too-simple crappy computer beat…I dono if I’ll ever be able to comprehend why he chooses to make low quality computer-sounding beats instead of high quality sampled beats…I understand the “he wants to venture out” argument and all that shit but the result is crappy music, straight up..
more singing? Sure….and it sucks this time
his raps are pretty good but its hard to focus on that when there’s so much garbage surrounding it…

14. Lovin is Digi Part 2 feat Thea, B9, Crisis
prod by Rza

after a bunch of SHIT tracks, finally this is one that doesn’t have to be skipped…beat is pretty ill, smooth and kinda eerie, sets the tone for the song perfectly…
all emcees spit a nice one on here..

15. O Day
prod by Rza

I think the album needed a few more songs like this…nothing amazing, but THIS is that Digital shit---at least this at the GOOD Digital shit…beat is simple but still dope (sounds like the Afro Samurai stuff) and Bobby spits crazy-ness on here…I love his flow and the lyrics are ill for the most part, he’s just havin’ fun on here and fuckin around but it sounds good…
When the sample cuts in (FINALLY, been waiting for this sound) it’s great and almost makes you forget that the album had so much garbage on it…great track, great ending

16. Don’t Be Afraid
prod by Rza

best way to describe this album is that it’s good in the beginning, good in the end, and SHIT in the middle…that’s annoying as fuck for someone who likes to throw on a full album and zone out on it but for the iPod peeps it’s no big deal, you just take the good ones and throw away the crappy stuff..
this is a cool beat and Rza is once again damn good on it…I don’t like the short attempt at singing, reminiscent of Ghost’s ventures, but it doesn’t take away from the song too much…
would’ve liked to hear another verse but it’s a bonus track and he tries to focus more on the beat which he’s playin around with a lot in the end..

Lyrics 4/5
Beats 2.5/5
OVERALL 6.5 outta 10

Overall, I think that’s probably being generous…the whackness seems to totally outweigh the goodness on this album but Rza was consistent throughout with the lyrics, sounding hungry as fuck alotta the time and spittin flames---definitely a much better album, lyrically, than BOAP was…but that one had much better beats than this…

my problem with this album is WAAAAAAAAAAY too many features (most of them are whack, especially the singers) and only about a handful of quality beats...

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