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ps why is there no thread for this?

1. Intro - 5/5
Does a great job of setting the dark landscape of the album. I love how the horns in the background grow louder and you hear "for he is the Harbinger of Death"

2. Retaliation 4/5
Jus Allah starts off the album with a great verse. Good beat. I'd give this track 5/5 but Vinnie Paz has a wack as fuck verse.

3. Contra 5/5
Classic sounding beat. Vinnie Paz and Jus Allah both have great verses, as well as guest Killa Sha. "Playin on your wrists like strings on a violin"

4. Speech Cobras 5/5
Absolute fuckin genius sample at the beginning. Guest Mr. Lif outshines everyone, although Jus Allah and Vinnie Paz have strong verses as well. Great beat

5. Breath of God (Interlude) 5/5
Stephen Hawking sounds pretty damn creepy when put over eerie screams and voices. Great interlude. I'm rating the interludes too just because i think they're integral to the overall feel of the album

6. Death March 4.5/5
Virtuoso and Esoteric have average verses (compared to what I know they're capable of). But Jus Allah has a flawless verse and Vinnie Paz has a damn good verse as well. Undertaker sample is a little corny, but I guess its pretty dark

7. Words from Mr. Len (Part One) 0/5
Don't know why they through this shit on here. Pain in the ass, only problem I have with the album

8. I Against I 5/5
One of the best Stoupe beats of all time. Incredible. Planetary comes through hard on this. One of my all-time favorite Jus Allah verses. Vinnie Paz is alright on this.

9. Exertions (Remix) 4/5
The beat is comprised of strings and a vocal sample. It's a remix of the Five Perfect Exertions track. For some reason, Chief Kamachi's verse was cut. And it was my favorite verse on the track! Virtuoso and Esoteric have good verses. Bahamadia too, but it's hard to hear it. I think that's why Kamachi's verse was cut. It was too quiet.

10. The Prophecy (Interlude) 4/5
Not my favorite Interlude, but I still like it. Gives you a little breather to get you ready for the next track !!!

11. Heavenly Divine 5/5
Incredible beat! Classic material right here. Jus Allah is amazing. vinnie Paz comes hard. Hook is great. CLASSIC.

12. Sacrifice 5/5
Funny how effective a sample from Antz is so effective. Fucking Antz. It seperates the intro beat from the actual beat. Which is phenomenal. Big Pun sample on the hook. Both emcees come hard as fuck.

13. Permanent Midnight 5/5
Eerie-ass vocal sample. I bet if you heard its original, it wouldn't sound eerie at all.

14. The Deer Hunter 5/5
Probably the best beat I have ever heard. It's that good. Chief Kamachi aka The Deer Hunter comes hard. Vinnie Paz and Jus Allah have GARBAGE VERSES!! fuckin idiots almost ruining the best beat ever created. fuck them though, im still giving it a 5 because of the beat

15. Blood Reign 4/5
posse cut. louis logic rips it. i'd give it a 5 but it's just nothing spectacular

16. Words from Mr.Len (Part Two) 0/5
Fuck this garbage

17. Genghis Khan 5/5
tragedy khadafi comes through on this. jus allah has a great verse. beat is hard as fuck.

18. Trinity 5/5
great beat. louis logic does a great job once again. paz has a great verse as well. the only track without jus allah

19. The Executioners Dream 4/5
the way this song starts is amazing. almost like an interlude, but it leads into the song really well. jus allah and vinnie paz have amazing verses. amazing beat for sure. the guy who spits third is fucking terrible. just terrible. brings it down to a 4

20. Muerte 5/5
i really like the beat. paz comes hard as fuck, so does jus allah. the track closes off with a different beat and a sample of somebody readng poetry. would have been the PERFECT outro to a near perfect album. but theres more

21. Heavenly Divine (Remix) 4/5
pretty good beat, nowhere near the epicness of the original. the verses are re-recorded and they hypeman each other. the chorus is replaced by poetic samples. probably shoudln't have been included

22. Army of the Pharoahs: War Ensemble (5/5)
probably vinnie paz's illest verse on the enitre album. definitely esoteric's illest verse of his career. love that verse!! virtuoso comes hard too. beat is pretty good


23. Untitled (5/5)
beat has a desert type feel. vinnie paz's verse is from blood reign. jus allah's verse is great!! they go back and forth on the third verse like heavenly divine. jus allah completely outshines paz

24. Retaliation (Remix) (5/5)
i actually like this beat more than the original. too bad it's censored.

24. Blood Runs Cold (5/5)
amazing beat!! everybody comes hard, with sean price. not sure why this is a bonus track, its top quality!


5/5. classic underground material. listening to the album all the way through feels like a movie. one of my favorite albums of all time
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