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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

Keep A Thought In My Mind Divine/

Blind By Ideals Thats Sublime/

Every Waking Thought Is The Grind/

Stuck To The Hustle Cracking Heads Like Fiends/

Seeping Out The Side Of There Head Is There Dreams/

Spit The Wickedest Shit Like I'ma Flowing Stream/

Feeble Minds Drowning In The River Of Despair/

Leaving To Quiver And Shiver Like They Been Blown By Cold Air/

This Scolding Swear I Yell Wit A Heart Filled Wit No Fear/

Wake Up Hugging For A Better Life But I Know It's Not There/

Shit Isay Sometimes I Was Built For The Struggle/

But I Retsrain My Mouth Sometimes Like I Fitted A Muzzle/

Like I Spoke Wit Confucsis Confused And Puzzled/

Looking For The Next 40 To Guzzle/

Life Of Shit Thats Why I Write This Shit/

Delapalated Slums I Was Raised In Grit/
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