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Originally Posted by RagnaroK View Post
my hat off to you

not only dare to DL but play it with the keyboard, there is no surviving

?uestion did you see the video with the commentary on stage 2 part 1? or did you fell after completing the stage like he did?
i'll admit i had help from the videos, the stage im on i havent seen a video for so its a bit more challenging.
its not really THAT hard, every move is a potential death but the levels are nowhere near as long as the originals..

Originally Posted by Jet Set View Post
I watched the whole Shadow Warrior/Ninja Gaiden one series. Damn that was pretty cool. And he made it all look so easy.
yea they do some good videos i watched some of the ninja turtles NES (one of my favorite games though ive NEVER beat it!)
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