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OH YEAH........ who cant forget his legendary "I blacked out while boozin with mef man 2 years ago" thread. LMAO!
Oh damn, I remember, shit was crazy

i remember the Trainrobber clique with King C., Chopsticks, Legato, and Omega
Deini Inc and that 100 page thread full of shit, lol
all them Wu Corp queens: MSRZA, Terra, Gigy, Jadakisses, Muslimah, WuMami, LadyK, etc.
evryone hatin on Mark Mayonaise cause he an Jordi are best buddies, lol
LOL The trainrobbers lmao, that shit was makin no sense at all lol

And most of them 'queens' were straight WHACK. I only liked WuMami, she was dope. And I dont know if it was PB or GIGY, but one of them always made be laugh

And nobody hates me, they just act like they hate me. When people really hate me they receive LE BAN. ;-)
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