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Originally Posted by ThaShaolinAssassin View Post
or salvation.

1. Im technically cameroonian, my dad was born there cause my grandma was there briefly wiht my grandpa, it's a fact we hide in da family
2. I like Toxic by Brittany Spears
3. Im into girls with slightly mishapen teeth, like a little chip or bend here and there
4. my balls smell worst on sundays
5. i sleep best at 1-3 in the afternoon and at those times im constantly sleepy nomatter what happened in the day and how well i spelt
6. i don't bust my glock
7. one of my biggest fears is perminant facial damage.
8. i hate anything that looks like semen.. mayo, yogurt, ranch, semen, irish people
9. i have never listened to a killa bee, and don't intend to until they sell some damn records
10. girls playing with my back is as good as them playing with my dingus.

#3 is just plain fucking weird..

make your mayo-divine white friend post up a list. I bet it'll be captivating.

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