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Prince Rai & Shizzah:: Days of Our Lives

From the joys of winning the grand prix of the womb being a sperm cell,
to the candy face look when the class gets dismissed by the school bell,
early life being a young one brings certain degrees of utmost bliss,
remembering your first girl and that magical first kiss,
to the highs of la vie through that exhillerating spliff.
toy story figures all in your mind and dreams of ice cream and that kind,
worries and miseries are for older gods
while cleaning the floors of the forums are left to the mods,
i survey maps of brocolli trees while colourful entities jump out so vividly,
my heart racing like supercars my soulful body taking me to mars,
i can paint pictures better than picasso can decipher art,
my mouth going hyper throwing a thousand darts and laughing so loud when i hear farts.
The smell of my gas leaves everyone dead for a mile,
my immature attitude can be read by my style.
Hating girly girls at first but now they on me like a curse.
I can't help looking at them aimlessly, tropical rainforests is what i feel,
touching their caves inserting my monster loud creatures, lord have mercy.
mountainous terrains with cream on top, the last one i saw was in bavaria,
nipple so hard i bit it like a mosquito giving it malaria.
year by year my chest gets hairier, while the gigantic size of my dick gets scarier,
last thing i heard was that wu tang was performing live in siberia.

The day's hotter than the desert in Syria
Going to school, state of mass hysteria
The backpack on my shoulders, heavy like granite boulders
You're sweating fast, you want the first class to be the last
Making the class pass by looking at the teacher's ass
You get an F, you don't give an F, you're feeling good about yourself
Get smacked on the head, your cheek stays red, can't wait to get home to bed
Next class, write rhymes on a piece of paper
Spit in your shadow on the wall, finish it later
Make it greater, serve it like a waiter, swift like Frater
Looking at the girl, sitting in front of you
You in love, buds making fun of you
Can't wait for the class to end, so you could chill with your friends
Recess, you take a deep breath, sit and chill with your mates
Talking about last-night dates, discussing future fates
Laugh hard, roll dice, causing fights in the schoolyard
Punching a kid hard for calling you 'retard'
But I wanted me smart, so I stayed out
I played out every play, but they calling me a dork
I'm sorry, but there's no pork on my fork, I'm not chewing beef
With my front white teeth, boy please, what's wrong with peace?
I'll always be remembering these days, reminiscing of that child-phase
You may be growing chest-hairs, but the feeling stays
You'll always be a kid,no matter how old you be
You'll always look forward to tell stories to your seeds
From first breath, to first step, from first diss, to first kiss
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