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Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz View Post
I'll Review this album.


Razah's Ladder

The album opens up with a real nice track. I love the horns and Instruments on this track. Razah comes hard on this joint "I can sniff a pussy out a football crowd" he coming for niggaz on this joint. This is a great way to start off an album. 4.5/5

The Cube
This is a great track right here, nice and calm beat delivered by BSBD and Hell Razah just goes in on here , I love the second verse he just rips it "

They say my roots run deeper than that tree Eve ate off
Fasten ya seatbelt, prepare for the takeoff
Watch for the Romans, cuz you just got paid off
They move in the form from Alexander to Adolf
My mind be a WarMachine built for the Maurist kings
The same way True Ali stood for his own regime
Razah gon' ride for the casualties on my team
Load up my clips, wipe my gun off with baby oil
Devils want beef? We in the hallway waitin' for you
Half man, half immortal, send you through a time portal
Maccabee oracle, talk like Morpheus
This is motivation for the kids in the orphanage
Operation butterfly, my mind metamorphesis
Change from a caterpillar, attack of the black guerillas
Round up all the killas, that stuck through the corridors with us
Bumrush the White House, set off the transmitters
Breakin' all camcorders, hijack the radio
Hotwire the news van and turn to The Razah Show"
.... 5/5


This joint is kind of boring to me, the beat is kind of dry, the lyrics on here are mad nice, Crooked I comes great on here and wakes me back up he just rips this shit, Razah comes better on his second verse, but the beat is kind of dry. 3.5/5

Most Merciful
Razah is spitting on here but this verse is from the Burn Babylon burn Mixtape if i'm not mistaken, it still sounds dope though, Hell Razah spitting the truth over a soulful beat, this is more like a interlude cause it's so short. 3.5/5


This is one of those tracks..the beat on here is mad nice, then you get to the lyrics...aww man i might get heat for this but I think these niggaz tryna take too much credit. Living in Hell/Heaven & Hell don't sound nothing alike, I CAN give him this arugment about Combat/Meth vs Chef those tracks are too similar, everything else is just coincidence In my opinion, Then shabazz comes in he really doesn't say anything alot but some shit "Rae and Ghost gave my style to the enemy" I think that has to do with signing to a label or something, then he says at the end "in 96 I told big les i was god's son on rap city, in 98 Nas tatted the shit across his belly" how does he know if Nas was even watching that shit and that was 2 years ago, I don't know I just think these cats are tryna take too much credit, they still my favorite rappers though. 5/5

Poor Righteous Dreams
I'm feeling the beat on this joint, Razah comes nice on this joint but there is a verse from the Burn Babylon Burn mixtape on this joint, it still came out good on here though. 4/5

Better Than Jewlery
This is a nice joint right here, Razah flows nice on here, giving you this knowledge which is better than jewlery!! Lol, the beat is cool kind of short though, like most of the shit on here. 4/5

Project Prophecy
This is a great track aswell, this joint bumps at work. Hell Razah opens it up nice and the guest appearances are both dope, BSBD did a great job on this beat, this is in my top 3 on this album. 5/5

Painted Jezebels
Razah goes in on this joint, the beat is mad nice on here too, BSBD came through again, Razah dropping that shit on here, niggaz can't reach up to the ladder yet lol. 4.5/5

Written In Blood
The beat is cool, I was expecting something hyper but I was wrong, Hell Razah comes in cool but Prodigal Sunn just takes over the whole track, his flow and lyrics are just hard, he needs a second solo out soon. 4.5/5

Stairway to Heaven
This joint is ok, I peeped the Lil Wayne diss on the joint too lol, it's all good , Razah goes in on this joint but by now his messgae has become a little repetitive i'm not gonna lie. A nice track to end a nice lp though. 4/5

Sun Of Man

Lyrics - 4/5
Beats - 4/5
Overall - 4/5

This is a banger for sure, but not in that tense. The album doesn't really have any hard hitting tracks but it's still some good material by Razah on here, definitely a must buy if your a Hell Razah fan, Blue Sky Black Death Did a great job on the beats aswell, making this a solid effort.

forgive me if im wrong but in that verse in the cube when u say he said watch for the romans cuz u just got paid off ...i think hes saying watch them romans cuz judas got paid of meaning that hes sayin watch the modern day romans cuz back then they paid off judas to snitch on christ makes sense to me.
but this album is bangin its hell razazahs behind the stained glass album where as its mad spiritual an renausance is his hip op album like priest offerin
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