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I can't believe people on here don't realise Robert is joking... He is, right?

I mean, I was pretty shocked to see his rage-filled replies, the Robert we all know and love would just pretend the PM was fake, or a joke, surely?

Anyway, even if he isn't joking, we've all wanted to fuck a younger girl at some point, at least Robbie Raptor admitted it.

I'm sure you all know from your experiences with women, it's that if there's only one thing they want, it's attention, so it's fairly obvious why blackula decided to play the bitch one this one, shit was unfair. She probably has a really hot sister/friend or something, so she comes on WuCorp and circulates nudes to feel like she's swooned over.

Alas, I could sit here typing away for hours trying to be the bigger person, or I could show you all this hilarious picture:

Looks like all those years working in Blockbuster paid off, huh Rob?*

*forgive me, I did it for the lulz, this does not affect my undying love for the aussie people and their native wit.