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i gonna quit my job! that's it!
fuck this! im missing toomuch realnes AHAHAHAHA

Originally Posted by minibumpsh View Post
blackula are you serious? theres a picture of your cellulite ass on this thread and youre calling me a ho? its ho btw, not hoe. a hoe is a gardening tool.
Originally Posted by Mic Tyson View Post
u got any from Black Man?
Originally Posted by Blackula View Post
this dude sends me messaged at least three times a week.

man I had so many but since you can only have so much space in your inbox i've had to delete some
but in all fairness he has a point, you should use your thick lips to suck his dick
Originally Posted by Blackula View Post
i knew this one would come in handy ... oldy but a goody
idk why i quoted this one,the PM was probably funny so, AHHHHHHHHHh
Originally Posted by Tony Bandana View Post

for fuck sakes my sister moved to Austrailla in Feb. Im gonna have to call her to give her the heads up and keep an eye out for the the trees and bushes for the Newspaper Man...

Poppa Diddles


and i got bent out of shape for Bateman postin my photobucket, man .
Originally Posted by FERMI PARADOX View Post
it's cool rob..i've got an uncanny ability to let insults roll off like water off a ducks back so you can throw em as much as you like. don't think I'm hating on ya rob, i'm just reading what you've said and summarised it into a single line.......look at it this way...if this was someone else that blackula had exposed, would'nt you post a piss take? i bet you would so you should'nt let it get to ya.

i think you definetely got some major GEE-OHH-DEEZ for this though..someone get tizza to add them on to his GOD-BOOK -

yeah she would, if faggot bitch vatican dick sucking mods would sticky that damn thread like they should instead of creating subforums so that i would stop being popular online, faggots.

Originally Posted by Robert View Post
This is kinda like how I was feeling:

Now I feel more like this:

Originally Posted by STYLE View Post

HI-FIVE and a slap on the ass.

I think this is genius. Black laid low for a year and collected pms from all yall fags.

i think Black deserves a sticky "Confessions"
an she just drop pms everyday.

Having a paper route because you want to be a journalist......


thats like working at blockbuster cause you wanna be an actor.
Originally Posted by Pat Bateman View Post
Tsa will be furious he missed this.
Originally Posted by Robert View Post
This thread went better then I anticipated, Slothy Fitzpatrick is very pleased!
AAHAHAHHAHAHahaHAHAHahah Slothy Fitzpatrick < The DIvine Axis
Originally Posted by Robert View Post
^^^smh. Read further young grasshopper.

Edit: You get it now?
i get it now

in conclusion i would like to say, damn, that's painful. Blackula is a snake and doesn't play strategy well at all, this is how her noodz got exposed and im suprised she hasn't learnt, but im glad this happened cause all the young sluts think IM the one that violated first.

Don't worry robert, if you rap the PerthPost around your foreskin and pretend is juvenile pussy i won't judge you until i need a cheap laugh at the expense of someone and mustache jokes wear thin.
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