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Originally Posted by SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS View Post
Open lines migrate minds like Brainac
My raps are perhaps the most gaps in styles you've ever seen/
Putting more gaps in teeth than Larry Homes and Larry Spinks combine
So if you wanna digitize your raps thinking you can keep up wit the Jones
I come wit 1 Tera byte of knowledge you couldn't decipher my hypothesis/
Dreaming dominance ominous presenting lines that emit shine
Divine document the grime shown through the slime/
The “Teknoman” Mask covers my face DOOMposter this place
Peep gregarious rapid pace chase the chaser with flow laced drinks/
Now your Too Short with no shit that be Ludacris
So when I show how to do this like The Jiggaman/
Don't try n figure out how I'm triggering seizures
Without even being near y'all I'm just fierce enough
To drop sub-atomic particles into your hemisphere/
While your and your friends are sipping on “Labbats”
My raps shake your mind up like California Earthquakes/
I'm the after shock in your heart
Leaving you paralyze by my darts i'm a SHARK/
To craft gems without even digging for them
Vaudevillians ways i stay posed like a Model in the lane/
Now you wave your flags gag on stags now it's a nation
Creating so much more tension than Johnny Carson can mention
On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno so I play my role/
I goad foes throwing darts on the L-O-W
now you wanna get gutted like P-I-G-S/
Do i have to taxidermy emcees and
Put e'm on my mantle in my mental showcase/
you reap what you sow, so don't sleep on the flow
Watch me creep like "the crow"
abduct your soul, under my mind control
exquiste vivid scrolls, these foes dumber than Cole
mentally basic, without training your away from your goals
guests unwelcome to shows, stay in the cold
turning red when a line outlines a foe
Behold the hold, talking loud emcee's get plowed with blows
Institutionalized unable to survive the street life
My prime example banging like true masters beats tight
running to 3rd base serching for an emcee that's pete nice
cops read rights, while i throw em
Pins dropped like bowling, put the cancer in their colin
bowels broken, feces showing through roc-a-wear denim
Styles pure, and impure til the bloody ending
Give me mine starters behind the finish line
your image is swine, stop see the sign
looking down at em like satellites
Bet they feel like chickens tonight
Not Suge but a knight stranded on "death row
Rap produce fresh flow, hidden sketch show
Picture perfect wordplay from a vet known
Let's go-getters, game winning center
beautiful mind uncensored
Alaska winter degrees, ice on my sleeves
throw dice on the streets, chip off the block greed
throw away songs the biters retrieve

My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
Hell razah
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