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Are you sure you wanna eat me alive?/ I'll consume the contents in your stomach then eat you raw from the inside/ Eat you until my pen dies/ Eat you to within 10 lives/ Kitty kat, The stroke of a genius/ I'll eat ya fetus/ Then maybe I could exit through your mouth/ But you aint never spit nothing this dope, so much for speakin' out/ Or possibly through your ear, but you aint never heard nothing this phat/ I won't be leavin' on wax/ Later for that/ Then there's your ass or your cunt, but you ain't never drop shit like this, or came this hard/ I'm "Humphrey" how I bogard/ I'm already inside you there's no need to syringe/ I'll exit like Gatekeeper and bust out your skin/ Your lunch, punts, and cunts, and runts was once fronts/ And couldn't match my blunts, you dunce, you dum stunt/ Down south I got it crunk/ Up north I got it jump/ I flow like magic marker, or hoe's that time of the month.

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La illaha illallah
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