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Default if I'm beating a rock

...this be a shout to a hues brother, or whoever tagged the subway station up on broad & girard...
...say chump, who you think you got helled hostage
manhattan drove the truck, I was just on my grind shit
ay, anytime today what you want is what can happen
my monk key pause to scrape a face-off, shit be accurate
was under broad & girard reading the walls, think Iím acting? shit
pay up the debt owed to me for ever demanding shit
suck a dick the length and width from kings to the hamptons, shit
I ainít here to be a patriot, Iím here to r.i.p. to shreds
any treasonous act though, the reason you canít go
there with me, I been buried yíall, face the fact though
yeah, say suhím does happen in iraq
who tripped it off after pissing me [allah] off? itís your fault
but uh, keep writing shit on walls that keep drawing, Iím for it
if I beat a rock, itís manhattan, so donít force me
couldnít tell you if Iíd rather love than to hate
but my reasoning dies with philly, so itís no more to debate...
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