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LOL....i was actually impressed by M-80's lyrical skills on this. he was much better than i expected. i guess i can see why people dont dig his style. i thought his flow changes were cool & fit the beats/melodies/tempos.....and i was impressed by his lyrical content.

also, i think "now or never" is solomon's best track......EVER!!! yes, i LOVE that beat, & i think this is the most he's actually rhymed on a track. he has that sorta freestyle flow, like cappa, but solomon's flow & voice are better than cappa so it works a lot better for him than for cappa...IMO. to me, cappa NEEDS to go back to rhyming.

c-rayz - wasnt really feeling him at all on this. i just cant follow him.

son-1 - yeah, nice!!!!

bronze - finally impressed me w/ his rhymes. before this album, i thought he was trying too hard & reaching too far in his rhymes. he finally got it on this LP. & the beats - no need to even comment.

KP - as usual, very reliable.....but he seemed kinda....bored, i thought. he seemed like he was unchallenged on this album....& i'm gonna assume it was from his fellow MC's for this project since the beats was nice as hell! i never expected that from KP though since he works w/ so many MC's and joins so many projects. all his verses on here seemed like it was just so easy for him, & he wasnt challenged to do his best.

overall - 8/10 (good job M-80 putting this project together. very respectable carrying on the wu & killa bee name.)

lastly, i think "dead flowers" is overrated, although i did love 60 sec. on it.
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