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Default comfort food

the voice of mine may be nourishment to hunger
but wonder, while Iím still up, you slumber on any words to come with?
let me, the gift of gabí guide you through it
you think Iím comfort food, for thoughts to consume by your own will to move me?
naw, dig how the buildings crumbled, check how the living stumble
now post the time it is, and who assume Iím humbled
my path ainít to be in the way of, as I define self
@ 7:30, dialed a friend to feel how our paths meld
the bloodís rushed to my manhood, she called me up
man, how Iím aí save lives when the crimeís down and camerasí up
who get recognized then, so Iíll snap pics and videos of
shit to give freedom a buzz against heathenous love
be up tangled in it, rope to mangle a neck with
Iím God, and Iím aí have sex with yaí bitch if she test me
be a bitch if you test me, why-you-gottaí-be-a-beast-with-the-sex shit
twin, Iím twin, paperís what Iíll beat a rock to death with...
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