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AK Spray crouching tiger

When I Wreck Shit Right, The Shit is Simply Automatic,
Pin Point Ya Lines Motherfucker, Exemplifyin' Quadratic.
Turn Ya Box On, Kid, All Ya Hear Is Static,
And When I Step Into The Forum, All I See is Mad Hatters.
Don't Flatter Yourself, Sheep,
You Ain't Got No Exoskeleton.
Your Bones Break Easy, It Almost Feels Like There's Some Gel In Them.
Ima Finish You Off, Now, You Ready, Chaos?
Put the Silencer On The Barrel, Shit Connect like Voltron,
Shots is Strong out My LongArm,
I Bomb Hard On 'Em.
Put Ya To Sleep Wit This Injection,
Next Time, Gimme a Better Weapon to Blast 'On 'Em.

hahaha. Love is LovE!!! What Up Sheepish!

Next Weapon: Meth Rotten Teeth in a Hooker's Mouth.

(beat that.)
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