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Originally Posted by Dirty Knowledge View Post

Yezzur! Other than a fluke TD (that Phillips actually made a nice play on to swat at the ball initially), the Giants D was SWARMIN!!

Tuck's Pick/TD was INCREDIBLE! That dude was BEASTIn' em today! How many times the Lambs I mean the RAMS got called for Holding on big ole 91? I saw atleast a few, and then there were some where they didn't throw the flag! Kiwi was REALLY Silent today which is concerning to me, but I'm willing to give dude at least 4/5 weeks to get back in the swing of things as he missed mostly all last year on IR.

DBs were SOLID.

G-Men have only given up TWO Touchdowns so far in two games. The D having played so far against two awesome backs (Clinton Portis and Stephan Jackson) havent allowed a rusher to gain more than 85 yards on the ground, as well a Rushing TD!

Eli was POISED, he got the ball around, he is CONFIDENT now. Like the watch commercial says..YOU CANT STOP ELI MANNING.

Jacobs ran out've control, AHMAD BRADSHAW changed things up in the 2nd half with his explosive running, and the boy Derrick Ward was doing his thing as well. The BEST stable of NFL running backs.

Bring on Ocho STINKO and those garbage ass Bengals. Marvin Lewis is already starting the shit talkin ....

On Football Night In America (NBC):

"We're 0-2, but we're gonna get to work,
and we're gonna go

ORLY, Marvin? We all know what Lewis is trying to do. He's 0-2, on his way out, facing the champs, he wanna FIRE HIS GUYS UP. Fuck around gonna GET your guys LIT UP.

So bring that shit on...BECUZ WE KNOCKIN HEADZ AROUND!!
Word up man. I felt the Giants needed to expose that weak defense and they did. Rams got destroyed!! They are probably the worst team in the NFL right now. Eli was awesome. Earth, wind, and fire baby. Now we need to take care of business at home against the pathetic Bengals and enter the bye week at 3-0.

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